Ascendant Community Education partners with individuals, businesses and other nonprofits to provide rewarding educational programs and benefits for affordable housing residents of all ages. We carefully select qualified instructors who teach creative learning programs and life skills training designed to give individuals opportunities to thrive.

We believe that ALL people deserve a chance to learn and succeed.

We offer fun, creative, rewarding learning programs, events and activities for all age groups
Kids and Youth Programs
Life Skills & Career Workshops
Moviemaking, Acting & Fashion
Software, Gaming & Music Production
Technology, Academic & Sports Tutoring
After School Activities
Skills Training
Computer Classes
Career Counseling
Job Programs
Educational Fairs
Health and Nutrition
Health Fairs
Fitness Workshops
Nutrition Workshops
Mobile Medical Services
Mental Health Programs
Wellness Programs
Assistance Programs
Citizenship Counseling
Legal Counseling
Crisis Prevention
Emergency Preparation
Healthcare Assistance
Saving and Budgeting
Relationship Seminars
Family Skills Workshops
Healthy Dating
Conflict Resolution Counseling
Job Networking
Caring for Seniors
Focus Programs and Workshops
Resident Appreciation Programs
Programs for Seniors
Pet Care Workshops
Social Connection Events
Money Skills Workshops
Household Management Workshops