Ascendant Community Education, (”ACE”) is a Texas 501(c)(3) nonprofit that seeks to improve the lives of affordable housing residents by providing them with supportive services that are educational and otherwise beneficial. ACE provides events and other services designed to benefit residents of all ages.

State Compliance establishes and enforces rules and regulations for affordable housing communities. Meeting state compliance is a primary focus and necessity in order to keep affordable housing communities operating.

While this is a great start, our focus through ACE is not on compliance requirements, but on people. We strive to go far beyond compliance requirements by developing programs, services, and benefits to bolster the long term well-being, self-sufficiency and quality of life of low income residents.

Our Values

Kindness, kind·ness \ kīn(d)nəs \ (noun): the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate synonyms: warmheartedness, affection, warmth, gentleness, concern, care

ACE is committed to treating people with kindness. We have a genuine care for the wellbeing of the residents we serve, as well as the property developers, managers, service providers, and team members we collaborate with.

Affirmation, af·firm \ ə-ˈfərm \ (noun): stating or asserting positively, to confirm, to express agreement with or commitment to; to uphold and support synonyms: confirmation, encouragement, acceptance, recognition

At ACE, we know that all people are uniquely talented and how beneficial it can be to have others affirm these talents. People have the best chance to succeed when they understand their gifts and are given tools to develop and implement.

Respect, re·spect \ ri-ˈspekt \ (verb): to show regard or consideration for synonyms: appreciation, dignity, regard, honor

At ACE, our goal is to establish relationships of mutual respect with everyone we teach and everyone we work with. We love working with people from different backgrounds to help them reach their goals.

Access, ac·cess \ ak-ˌses \ (noun): the state or quality of being approachable synonyms: connection, contact, reach, inclusivity

We believe people learn best when they work together. We all have room to grow, that’s why we create events and programs to foster shared learning between educators and residents.

Empathy, em·pa·thy \ em-pə-thē \ (noun): the understanding and sharing of the emotions and experiences of another person synonyms: compassion, understanding, warmth, insight

ACE purposes to meet people where they are and do what we can to propel them towards their aspirations. Every person is unique, and our programs are designed based on the needs of the people we serve.